Eric Harvey - Gilgai Farms - New South Wales, Australia

With funding from MLA, Eric has installed a range of Observant Solutions to monitor their stock, water points, troughs, rainfall and manage their pump station. Using water level monitoring, camera monitoring, weather monitoring (rain gauge), and pump management. 

Eric demonstrates how easily he is able to monitor and control his farm by using the Observant Global software. Using an iPad, iPhone or computer Eric logs in to set alerts for low tanks levels, check rainfall on an hourly basis, get a visual on his stock and troughs, check not only the run status but also the fault status and has the capability to remotely turn on/off his pump. 

Eric explains that he was able to save over a day a week running around the farm checking water points, turning pumps on and off and also cost savings around running vehicles. Considering the costs saved on labour and time, Eric was able to pay off his Observant system within 9.5 months! More importantly, it provided him with the peace of mind of knowing his farm was easily accessible from his smartphone, anytime, anywhere and that alerts would notify him when things weren't running as planned. 

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