• Water Level Monitoring
  • Image Capture
  • Soil Moisture Monitoring
  • Irrigation Scheduling
  • Flow & Line Monitoring
  • Weather Monitoring
  • Pump Management

What we do

Observant helps farmers optimize water consumption, reduce costs, improve productivity and gives them the capability to monitor and control farm operations from their mobile device(s). Observant solutions have been designed to provide the most reliable, easy to use and functional software platform and kits for all your farming operation needs. 


Water Level Monitoring

Knowing your farm’s water levels is crucial to ensuring you reduce risks and efficiently manage your water supplies. Observant can help you monitor these levels and set alerts via your smartphone, tablet and/or computer*.  


Image Capture

Keep an eye on your farm using an Observant Camera Kit. Get a visual on your farm's stock, troughs, fences and/or water points and use your mobile device to take a snapshot*. 

Soil Moisture Monitoring

Maximise plant growth and improve farm efficiency by monitoring the soil moisture levels of your farm, with Observant Global Software*. 

Irrigation Scheduling

By enabling you to monitor and control your irrigation schedule off-site, Observant ensures you reduce risks, save water, maximise yield quality and allows you to analyse soil data for better crop performance*.

Flow & Line Pressure Monitoring

Monitoring the flow and pressure of pumps and irrigation lines is critical to ensure efficiency in your irrigation system. Observant works as a stand-alone monitoring system to let you know what pressure gauges, flow metres and other devices are recording, both current and prior recordings*. 

Weather & Environmental Monitoring

Knowing local climate conditions can help you minimise risk and maximise profits. Observant provides you with current and historical data using evapotranspiration calculations to make informed decisions around crop management processes*.  

Pump Management

Observant helps you to monitor and control pumps remotely so you can improve the operation of your entire farm, combined with water monitoring you can save on time, hours and improve productivity by automating your farm system*. 

Observant Solutions include a monthly monitor and control subscription fees. To learn more please speak to your nearest dealer or call us on 1300 224 688.