Our Code of Conduct

Jain Agriculture Services Australia’s code of conduct, or code of ethics, outlines the standards of behavior for employees, dealers, and end-users. This performance framework defines acceptable and unacceptable actions in a variety of situations with the intent of maintaining the organization's integrity and legal compliance.

Our Values:

  • We value our employees, customers, stakeholders & treat them with respect & dignity

  • We are customer/grower oriented

  • We will service our customers without fail

  • We pursue a safer workplace

  • We are design-driven, quality focused

  • We conduct business honestly and with integrity

  • We promote technologies that save water

  • We are good stewards of our company resources

  • We value a strong work ethic and a balanced life

  • We strive to make improvements in all that we do every day


This Code of Ethics and Business Conduct (“Code”) is applicable to you as a Jain Agriculture Services Australia Pty Ltd, herein referred to as (“JASA”), Employee, Dealer and End-user of JASA solutions. Jain Irrigation Inc and its subsidiaries (JASA) require that you comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and this Code. It is a condition of participating in any business activities with JASA that the following code of conduct is observed by all JASA Dealers, Partners, and End-users. JASA will enforce this code and we expect cooperation from all parties to ensure a productive and happy working relationship.

Intellectual Property and Obligations of Confidentiality

JASA respects the intellectual property rights of others and expects other companies to respect JASA’s intellectual property rights. An important element of such protection is maintaining the confidentiality of JASA’s trade secrets and proprietary information. JASA’s intellectual property, confidential information, patented technology, documentation, or other materials must not
be used without written permission or outside the scope of work performed for JASA. Additionally, copyrighted software must not be reproduced. You must safeguard confidential information by not transferring, publishing, using, or disclosing it other than as necessary in the ordinary course of business to perform your work for JASA or as directed or authorized by JASA. You must observe applicable data privacy standards. Materials that contain confidential information or that are protected by privacy standards should be stored securely and shared only internally with employees on a need-to-know basis.

Confidential information may include, but is not limited to: source code, software and other inventions or developments (regardless of the stage of development) created or licensed by or for JASA, marketing and sales plans, competitive analysis, product development plans, nonpublic pricing, potential contracts or acquisitions, business and financial plans or forecasts, internal business processes and practices, and prospect, customer, and employee information.


JASA expects you and your employees to compete fairly and ethically for all business opportunities. Your employees who are involved in the sale of hardware or subscriptions of products/services, the negotiation of agreements, or the delivery of services to JASA and/or JASA’s customers are expected to understand and honor the terms of contractual agreements. You must ensure that all statements, communications, and representations to customers are accurate and truthful as they relate to JASA.

Business and Employment Relationships

JASA affirms the principle of equal employment and business opportunities without regard to any protected characteristic, and for all employees to be treated with dignity and respect including but not limited to: race, religious creed, national origin, color, sex or gender, gender identity or expression, age, mental or physical disability, mental condition, pregnancy, marital status, national origin/ancestry, genetic information, political affiliation, military and protected veteran status, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic protected under law or local ordinance. JASA policy prohibits harassment in any form and expects that you practice and promote a work environment free from harassment, and conduct business with JASA employees with respect, as appropriate under local laws.

Environment, Health, and Safety - Leave this world better than you found it

JASA recognizes its social responsibility to protect the environment and expects its Dealers and End-users to share its commitment. You are required to comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations and are expected to work to reduce consumption of resources, including raw materials, energy, and water, throughout all aspects of the product or service lifecycle. You are encouraged to reduce or eliminate waste of all types by implementing appropriate conservation measures in your facilities and by recycling, reusing, or substituting materials.


This Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics places you and JASA in the forefront with those corporations throughout the world that emphasize the importance of solid business ethics and honest business conduct. JASA’s standards can be met only with your cooperation. JASA trusts that you will adhere to the standards of this Code. Any violation of this Code will constitute the basis for the immediate termination of your distribution agreements with JASA, and the cancellation of any pending fees payable to you and services provided by JASA, pursuant to applicable laws and without any liability to JASA.