Solo Camera Kit


Solo Camera Kit


A camera kit is designed for single-site photo monitoring in areas with adequate cell coverage. It has a Solo Cellular Telemetry Unit, an Observant V1 camera, a pole mounting kit, and an installation guide.

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See what’s happening on your farm from anywhere

The Observant Camera Kit lets you check what’s happening at fixed points on your farm — from tank and trough water systems, to livestock at feeders, to open channel water levels. Access images through Observant Global™, our web-based monitoring platform, which supports a wide range of complementary on-farm monitoring and control solutions.

  • Capture up to Four Photos a Day: Nominate when you want photos taken during daylight hours.

  • Historical Data: Compare current and recently taken photos.

  • Flexible: Suitable for farm, home or business assets, including absentee owners.


Monthly subscription charges apply for Observant Global™.



Simple self installed hardware

  • 15 Minute DIY Install: Simple roof-mount installation for tanks up to 4 meters in height.

  • Inbuilt Level Sensor: Positioned above the water line means it’s suitable for water of any quality.

  • Connect with Telstra: Australia’s best mobile coverage provider.

  • Robust Design: Purpose built for the harshest of conditions.

Important information This kit is designed to mount on a pole (up to 50mm outer diameter), in a location exposed to direct sunlight for most of the day. The camera should ideally be located ~10m from the object of interest, and away from where livestock can rub against it. If you have different needs, contact us here. Monthly subscription charges apply for Observant Global™.