• Soil Moisture Monitoring
  • Water Level Monitoring
  • Irrigation Schecuduling
  • Flow & Line Monitoring
  • Weather & Environmental Monitoring
  • Diesel Engine Management
  • Pump Management

Farm information and control at your fingertips

Your farming enterprise needs information and control. Observant provides a fully integrated farm information management platform. Our cloud based applications capture and manage all your information and provide dedicated decision support applications. Our award winning hardware delivers unparallelled reliability and connects to a world of equipment and sensors. No matter what you grow, our solutions will help you do it better.


Soil Moisture Monitoring


Maximise plant growth and improve farm efficiency by monitoring the soil moisture levels of your farm with Observant.


Water Level Monitoring

Knowing your farm’s water levels is crucial to ensuring you reduce risks and control your water supplies, Observant can help you monitor these levels. 


Irrigation Scheduling

By enabling you to monitor and control your irrigation schedule, Observant ensures you top crop yields and water savings. 


Flow & Line Pressure Monitoring

Observant works as a stand-alone monitoring system to let you know what pressure gauges, flow metres and other devices are recoding, both current and prior recordings. 


Weather & Environmental Monitoring

Knowing climate conditions can help you minimise risk and maximise profits. Observant provides you the information you need to make important decisions about any critical farm activities. 


Diesel Engine Management

Through giving you the insight and control you need to keep your engine running well, Observant ensures efficiency for your farm.


Pump Management

Observant helps you to monitor and control pumps remotely so you can improve the operation of your entire farm.