Pump Management - Monitor & Control your farm

Pump Management

Pump management lets your monitor the status and health of your pump, automate start/stop function and integrate into your farm operation. Observant helps you save hours on labor resources and improve productivity by automating your complete farm system.

Is this Pump Management for you?

  • Designed to monitor and control your new or existing pump.
  • Monitor Pump Run Status, Alarms, Input/Output, Start/Stop and integrate with other supported devices.
  • Works within range of the Telstra’s 3G Mobile Network, or;
  • Other 900/UHF radio communications options are available.
  • Your controller accepts a 12V DC controlled logic input.
C3 Solar enclosure OPEN ANGLE.png

C3 Telemetry Unit with Solar Panel & Enclosure

Pump Management

What do I need? To setup Pump Management to monitor and control your pumps setup contact your nearest dealer to order a C3 Telemetry Module + Enclosure and Solar Panel + Split Mount Kit.


What Pump Management will do for you.

  1. Receive SMS and email notifications on changes to pump running parameters.
  2. Monitor energy and water use so you can calculate cost per megalitre then control usage for efficiency/cost gains.
  3. Add a range of I/O and Modbus devices including water meters, weather stations, channel levels and cameras: connect everything in one place.
  4. Use our Scheduling Application to set your pumps to start and stop at specific times.
  5. Prime, start and stop pumps from any mobile device while monitoring run times, RPM and service requirements.
  6. Connect your Observant Ready™ Engine Controller and manage your diesel pump over Telstra’s Mobile Network or via UHF/900 Radio.

Industry Standard Supported Devices

To find out what devices are supported by the Observant platform and hardware please contact us on 1300 224 688 or email sales-aus@observant.net.