Our multi-award winning products are designed from the ground up to provide the most reliable, easy to use and functional platform for all your farm operating needs. The robust and environmentally tough designs combined with the practical and easy to install features make them the most cost effective and reliable platform around.

Our hardware provides unparalleled functionality and flexibility, compatible with both Observant Global and Jain Logic Software Platforms. The Stand-Alone Solo and C3 Telemetry hardware is ideal for integration into new and existing infrastructure


Observant C3

With its compact lightweight design and flexible connectivity, the Observant C3 provides unparalleled functionality and flexibility. The C3 Stand-Alone is ideal for integration into existing infrastructure, from pumps to channel bays, and provides integrated access to Observant’s Global® system for remote management and control.



The Observant Solo is fully self-contained and stand-alone, secured with a single fastener to the top of a standard sized mounting pole. The Observant Solo is powered from an integrated lithium battery and solar PV panel. Manufactured using a reinforced, UV stable and impact resistant polymer the Solo enclosure is designed to be deployed in the harshest of conditions. With an integrated antenna and innovative in-pole sensor cable routing the Observant Solo is simple and quick to install.



Observant V1

The V1 Camera provides a cost effective solution to capturing still images at any location. With a robust enclosure and flexible mounting options, the V1 Camera can be added to any Observant monitoring platform. Image size and schedule are completely configurable.


Observant Global

Our cloud-based decision support application platform provides an entire suite of data analytics and decision support tools for all for farm information. Leveraging the latest in big data technologies and supporting a wide range of information sources, Observant Global is a platform you can rely on.