Privacy Policy

Observant (“Us”, “We” or “Our”) respects the privacy of its customers (“You” or “Your”) and this privacy policy explains why and when we collect information, and what use we make of that information.  This privacy policy also explains how and why with your permission your information may be disclosed to third parties and the security measures used by Us to help protect the information.  The Observant entity responsible for this privacy policy varies with your location as set out in our end user license agreement (located at -

Information collected by Our hardware

The function of our hardware is to measure and report on a variety of environmental conditions and resource usage.  Our hardware therefore collects detailed information relating to the things which it is designed to measure and the primary purpose for collecting such information is to report the information back to You.  As part of the efficient operation of Our hardware, it also collects information about its own performance and characteristics, which is also reported back to You.

To facilitate that primary purpose, information is encoded with a unique identifier to record which hardware device recorded the information and the information together with the unique identifier is transmitted to a central location, which depending on how you elect to use Our services, may be You or may be Us.

Our hardware and how You use it

You can use Our hardware in a number of different ways.  Relevant to the collection and use of information, You can elect to either use our hardware within Your local network or to have Us manage the retention and processing of information.

Where You elect to use our hardware within Your local network without data aggregation, no information collected by Our hardware is transmitted to Us.  Information (including historical data) is stored locally (in an unencrypted data file) on Your computer and we encourage all customers to take such steps as necessary to ensure the security and privacy of their information.  You will also be responsible for the use of Your information and creating back-up copies. 

Where You enable the data aggregate feature on Your local network or elect to have Us manage the retention and processing of information, the information Our hardware collects together with each unique identifier is transmitted and stored on our central servers.  That information is linked to Your account details for the purposes of allowing You to access and process information (including historical data) collected by hardware which You have.

Observant Global (including website usage information and cookies)

Observant Global requires You to provide certain personal information as part of creating an account.  That personal information is stored on our central servers.  It is not possible for Us to provide the Observant Global services without You providing that information.

The Observant Global interface is provided to you as an Internet website.  Our website and web service interface uses cookies and other encoding techniques in order to provide functionality to You.  These techniques typically involve Our web server sending Your browser an encoded message, which is then returned to our web server either on a periodic basis or when you next perform an action.  Access to the website is based on a login name and password and we encourage all customers to take such steps as necessary to ensure the security and privacy of their login name and password.

As is common with many Internet websites, We sometimes also use cookies or other encoding techniques in order to undertake website usage analysis.  Our web server records information provided by Your browser, such as the type of web browser you are using and your IP address when you access our website.  While some of this information is required for the proper functioning of the system and the Internet, You can usually disable other non-essential information being sent to Us through your web browser privacy settings.

Third parties

As a secondary purpose, where You have consented to such purpose, We may disclose Your information to selected third parties.  We will disclose your information on a depersonalised, aggregated basis, unless we have your consent to do otherwise.  Those third parties may use the information for a number of statistical purposes, including the commercial development of products.  You can consent to such disclosure (and manage Your consents and the third parties to whom we may disclose such information) through the website control panel.

We also source some technical services used in the provision of Observant Global from third parties who assist Us in providing a commercially competitive service to You.  Some of those parties may be located overseas and/or have technical hardware located overseas.  You consent to Us providing Your information to those third parties in order for Us to provide the Observant Global service to You.

How You can access Your information

Information is only sent to Us if you elect to use Observant Global.  In such circumstances, information We store about You can be accessed through Your account.

If you are unable to access your account, or there is information which we record which is not displayed though that account, or You would like to update some information which cannot be updated through Your account, then please contact our Privacy Officer at

Changes to Our Privacy Policy

We may update this privacy policy from time to time. The latest version of this privacy policy is located at  We recommend that You check this privacy policy from time to time to see if We have made any changes to it.

Contact us

If you need more information about our privacy policy, then please contact us at, or by using the details set out at