Established in 2003, Observant’s original mission was to use technology to manage scarce Agricultural water in drought hardened North Western Australia. Success and lessons learned have seen us expand to provide solutions for all types of farming operations in many countries. Combining simple, reliable field hardware with easy to use online applications we deliver yield improvements, water savings and operational efficiency to growers of all sizes.

In February 2017, we became part of Jain Irrigation, a global company dedicated to the design and delivery of world-class solutions to help farmers sustainably improve yield

Keep track of your crop water demand, efficiently schedule and automate your irrigation and record everything along the way so you can see what you’ve done and adjust as needed. Whether its soil moisture and weather stations, pump control and cameras, we have the right solution for your needs.

Best of all, you get Observant products direct from your local irrigation supplier or agronomy service provider, so you know it’s fully supported by the people you trust.

Learn more about how we can help you increase your on-farm productivity and efficiency by contacting your local Observant partner or us directly.