Monitor your tanks from anywhere

Observant DIY Tank Monitoring Kit

Check your tank’s level from your smartphone, tablet or PC

Set SMS alerts to know when your tank level is running low

Use the history graph to identify water usage trends

A complete water level monitoring solution

This innovative product provides you all the hardware required to monitor water levels, as well as access to Observant Global™,
our ground breaking software application which allows you to remotely access water levels from any internet enabled device.  

1. Current Tank Level - Continually checks the tank’s level and updates every half an hour.

2. Historical Data - Graph water usage trends with week, month and 3 monthly historical data. 

3. SMS/Email Alerts - Receive SMS or email alerts, when your tank level is outside its normal range.

“We have very hot summers and if stock are without water for a few hours they can become extremely dehydrated. Our tank level monitoring solution now gives us peace of mind knowing that our stock are never stressed because of a lack of drinking water.” Richard Cannon, Manager, “Rosevale”, Hay, NSW

Simple self installed hardware

1 Hour DIY Install

Simple roof-mount installation for tanks up to 14 foot in height. 

Inbuilt Level Sensor

Positioned above the water line means it’s suitable for water of any quality.

Connect with XXXXXXX VERIZON or AT&T

America’s best mobile coverage provider.

Robust Design

Purpose built for the harshest of conditions.

Important Information 

This kit is designed to be mounted on the roof of a tank and can measure depths of up to 14 foot. It is recommended to only be installed on tanks with steel or poly roofs that are in good condition and safely accessible by a ladder. As the kit is solar powered ensure it’s exposed to direct sunlight most of the day. 

If for some reason your tank does not fit this criteria, contact Observant via to discuss a tailored solution for your situation.