Observant Lends Support to Farm Data Integration

Sacramento CA – July 24, 2015 – Observant®, a leader in agricultural field data collection and automation, announced today the availability of its first implementation of an API based on Open Ag Data Alliance (OADA) standards. Observant’s OADA based API provides secure access to data managed on the Observant Global™ cloud management platform. Field level data collected by Observant’s award winning hardware can be accessed by other applications via the API, under the complete control of the grower.

“With a growing range of agricultural data management and analytics applications supporting OADA, growers are in complete control of how their data is shared.”, said Aaron Ault, of the Open Ag Data Alliance. “We have worked hard to make the standards powerful and practical to encourage the development of an entire ecosystem of interoperable tools to drive agricultural productivity.”

Observant now offers great added value to their customers by supporting OADA. “Interoperability is a vital part of getting the most from technology in agriculture. Observant is very clear that growers own their data, and our job is to securely collect and manage it on their behalf, only sharing what is specifically allowed by them.”,said J. Matthew Pryor, CEO of Observant. “The Open Ag Data Alliance provides an excellent framework for sharing that will foster the development of a marketplace of best-in-class solutions that growers can use to perform the tasks they need done. Observant makes the most reliable field hardware available, and we look forward to being part of an open and interoperable future for agriculture.”



Observant is an award winning company that combines reliable field deployed hardware with full featured cloud-based software that delivers growers comprehensive irrigation and water management capabilities on an open extensible platform. 

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