Keep an eye on things from anywhere

Managing your entire operation is often a challenge. Time is short, costs are increasing and things aren’t getting closer together. Observant’s range of livestock infrastructure monitoring solutions give you the peace of mind to know what’s going on in every corner of your property. Save time, save money and catch problems early, before they impact operations.



Check your tank’s level from your smartphone, tablet or PC.
Set SMS alerts to know when your tank level is running low.Use the history graph to identify water usage trends.


Get a new photo every half an hour and access them from your smartphone tablet or PC.

Monitor stock tank water levels

Monitors levels in tanks and storage of all kinds. Receive alerts when levels fall below and raise above critical levels.
Easy to install, and free of moving parts, our solution are simple and reliable.

Current Tank Level

Continually checks the tank's level and updates every half an hour.

Historical Data

Graph water usage trends with 1 month and 3 monthly historical data.

Text / Email Alerts

Receive text or email alerts, when your tank level is outside its normal range.*

*The monthly fee includes updates every half hour, upgrade to receive Text / Email alerts.

Simple self installed hardware

Install In 15 Minutes

Simple roof-mount installation for tanks up to 14 foot in height.

Inbuilt Level Sensor

Positioned above the water line means it's suitable for water of any quality.

Connect via Cellular

Use local cellular networks to connect your tanks to Observant Global™.


Robust Design

Purpose built for the harshest of conditions.

Keep an eye on your farm from anywhere

Keep an eye on your operations with the Observant V1 camera, built to withstand the harshest conditions it has been designed to monitor situations such as livestock water points, pump stations and sheds, remote facilities that are hard to get to.

Receive photos every half hour during daylight hours

Monitors your assets at fixed points, even when you’re not there. 

Simple Post Mounted Hardware

Simple Install

The specifically designed camera mount can be setup in 15 minutes which can be mounted on a DN40 post.

Purpose Built

The robust design of the V1 camera means that it is suited for any agricultural setting.

Connect via Cellular

Optimised photos mean that your images can be sent over cellular networks whilst keep data cost low.