Irrigation Scheduling

Weather Monitoring

The Observant Weather Monitoring solution is designed to provide you consistent and reliable environmental measurements by displaying continuous, up-to-date weather information. The Observant Weather Monitoring solution allows you to monitor your local weather from anywhere allowing farmers to make

Is Irrigation Scheduling for you?

  • View continuous soil moisture and soil temperature data.
  • Learn how your crop uses water and how effective rain and irrigation is.
  • The probe be installed within 5–10m of the Observant field unit.
  • The probe site has strong Telstra 3G Mobile Network service.
  • Compatible with the Observant Solo and the C3 telemetry unit.
Solo Soil Moisture Probe

Weather Monitoring Install

C3 Soil Probe In Mango Field

What do I need? Depending on your requirements both the Solo and C3 hardware can be used to monitor soil probes sensors.

To help decide which is the best option for your farm, please call us on 1300 225 688 or email


What Pump Management will do for you.

  1. Monitor soil moisture and temperature every 10cm deep, depending on the probe length of your choice.
  2. Highly accurate monitoring shows how the crop is using moisture through the soil profile.
  3. Use additional sensors to monitor rainfall, wind speed / direction and air temperature to build a profile of the perfect crop growing conditions.
  4. Quick summary on your smartphone, or for more detailed analysis on your Observant Global™ webpage.
  5. Predicts next irrigation date based on current soil moisture trends.
  6. Frequently checks and updates soil moisture and temperature, with historical data displayed and data export capability.

Industry Standard Supported Devices

To find out what devices are supported by the Observant platform and hardware please contact us on 1300 224 688 or email