Improve yields and optimize inputs

Our irrigation management solutions help you achieve optimal growing conditions. A better understanding of plant health and soil moisture conditions will help you manage input costs and increase your yield and crop quality. 

Respond to Growing Conditions

Build a profile of local weather conditions to assist with crop management. Calculate local ET values for managing irrigation. Measure and record prevailing weather conditions.

Manage Crop Growth

Learn how to improve improve irrigation management by monitoring your crops and growing conditions.

Schedule Multiple Irrigation Events

Connect Observant hardware to field control units to automate irrigation via Observant Global™ and the scheduling application. Monitor and automate irrigation systems from any web enabled device.

Respond to Growing Conditions   Use our weather station solution to monitor and record rainfall, wind speed/direction, relative humidity, solar radiation, air temperature and evapotranspiration and build the information you require to make informed decisions.  

Respond to Growing Conditions

Use our weather station solution to monitor and record rainfall, wind speed/direction, relative humidity, solar radiation, air temperature and evapotranspiration and build the information you require to make informed decisions.  


Monitor local weather conditions from any smartphone, tablet or PC, graph historical weather data to spot trends.

Growing Conditions Hardware

Monitoring and recording local weather conditions will help improve management decisions. View current and historical data in the palm of your hand.

Manage Crop Growth

Make informed decisions with our Crop Water Management app. Measure how your much water your plants need, how effective rain and irrigation events are and the impact of weather conditions on management decisions. 

A complete picture of crop water use 

A snapshot view of soil moisture conditions. Take control of your water management  across your farm. View current moisture status  from each probe site with colour coded gauges displaying moisture levels of the crop root zones and map based icons. 

Hover over any probe site to see a summary how water levels have changed in the last 24,48 or 72 hours. These trends are used to predict your next irrigation date.

Track plant water use 

Access site specific water use with Probe View. Monitor soil moisture, salinity and temperature enabling you to receive and share a constant, real-time stream of data to better understand your crops’ changing needs.

Optimal Irrigation 

Monitor crop water use and set correct management levels for optimal plant growth. 

Over Watered / Under Watered 

Use management levels to avoid over or under watering crops to maximise quality
and yield potentials. 

Predicted irrigation   

No more guesswork on knowing when to irrigate. Use the irrigation prediction tool to know when to irrigate your crops.

Crop Manager Hardware

We’ve partnered with the market leaders in soil moisture probes - EnviroPro - to offer a range of monitoring solutions suitable for all crops. 

Schedule Multiple Irrigation Events

Controlling how and when you deliver water gets real results. Automate your systems to provide the right amount at the right time. Gain new insights into the energy and water demands of your operations. Save time by remotely controlling systems from any location. Save money by only using what you need, preventing waste, and optimizing your energy use.

  • A farm specific map is created, showing all irrigation zones that can be scheduled
  • Pumps and irrigation zones can be added to a schedule
  • Pumps and irrigation zones can be grouped to create multiple schedules i.e. North Fields and South Fields
  • The timeline view provides a snapshot of schedule progress in real time
  • Irrigation zones/pump areas change colours based on their watering status (green complete, blue in progress & brown/orange scheduled)
  • Share the schedule link with relevant stakeholders via the web or email
  • View current status of schedules in progress
  • Extend or reduce the length of watering times whilst schedules are in progress
  • Skip irrigation zones that are currently watering

Irrigation system performance monitoring

Connecting and monitoring pressure, flow and water level sensors provides valuable feedback on the status of the irrigation system and provides data on which alert notifications can be sent when operating conditions are outside preconfigured ranges. 

SMS and email alert notification

Connecting sensors to monitor irrigation system operations provides valuable information and feedback on the status of the system as well as providing data on which to set SMS and email alert notifications when conditions are out of out of desired  state.

Irrigation Scheduling Hardware

Monitor, control and automate a range of equipment like pumps, solenoids and actuators.

Integrate everything together in one place with our easy to use, map - based scheduling programme.

Irrigation Scheduling Design 

Automate irrigation with map - based scheduling to ensure your crops receive the correct amount of water at the correct time. 

“Tank Level Monitoring and Pump Management from Observant saved two hours a day, seven days a week on water runs through summer, and two hours a day, three or four times a week through winter.”

Eric Harvey - Gilgai Farms, Geurie, NSW, Australia