Farm water management and control at your fingertips

Your farming enterprise needs information and control. Observant provides a fully integrated farm information management platform. Our cloud based applications capture and manage all your information and provide dedicated decision support applications. Our award winning hardware delivers unparallelled reliability and connects to a world of equipment and sensors. No matter what you grow, our solutions will help you do it better.


All Your Information & Apps In One Place

Cloud computing is changing the way business can be done. You want to have all your data and the applications to manage it in one place. Our dedicated solutions provide applications tailored to your industry, and provide the information and insights to drive better decisions, improve yields and manage costs.


Connect & Control Any Equipment

We believe in 'best of breed' which means you pick the equipment to connect and control from your Observant system. From water meters to weather stations, pumps to center pivots, soil probes to cameras connect everything in one place, and control it all to save time, save money and drive better results.


Purpose Built, Plug-n-Play, Reliable Hardware

Our hardware is designed and manufactured specifically for use in farming operations. It's reliable, easy to install and backed up by world-class service & warranty. The key to an uninterrupted flow of farm information is a reliable hardware platform built to integrate with it.