Control your pumps from anywhere.

What this kit will do for you.

  1. Receive SMS and/or email alerts on changes to pump running parameters.
  2. Monitor energy and water usage to calculate cost per megalitre then control and adjust usage for efficiency/reduced cost.
  3. Add a range of supported devices including I/O and Modbus devices such as water meters, weather stations, channel levels and cameras.
  4. Use our Scheduling Application to automate and set up your pumps to start and stop at specific times.
  5. Prime, start and stop pumps from your smartphone while monitoring run times, RPM and service requirements.
  6. Connect your Observant Ready™ Engine Controller and manage your pump over Telstra’s 3G Mobile Network.

Is this the kit for you?

  • Designed to monitor and control a new or existing diesel pump.
  • Includes cabling for a Kensho K45 or Murphy MPC-20 engine panel*.
  • Works within range of the Telstra’s Mobile Network, or;
  • Other radio communications options are available.
  • * Engine panel not included in price.