Reduce your dairy irrigation pumping cost.

What this solution will do for you.

  1. EnviroPro® 80cm probe monitors soil moisture and temperature every 10cm to 80cm deep.
  2. Highly accurate monitoring shows how the crop is using moisture through the soil profile.
  3. Use additional sensors to monitor rainfall, wind speed / direction and air temperature to build a profile of the perfect crop growing conditions.
  4. Quick summary on your phone/tablet, or more detailed analysis on your Observant Global™ page.
  5. Predicts next irrigation date based on current soil moisture trends.
  6. Frequently checks and updates soil moisture and temperature, with historical data displayed and data export capability.

Is this the solution for you?

  • Will the 80cm probe suit your crop and soil type?
  • Does the probe site have Telstra Mobile Network service?
  • Can the probe be installed within 5–10m of the Observant field unit?