Working at Observant

Observant has offices in Melbourne, Australia, and in Sacramento, California, USA.

Observant's Melbourne office (in the suburb of Fitzroy) is where all our hardware and software design and development takes place. It's a custom designed office, featuring an amazing indoor garden, monitored and irrigated by our own products of course.

Inner city Melbourne has many charms and some challenges. Abundant food, great coffee and fashion abound; but it can get a bit noisy. Some like the hubbub, others like to use good headphones. The neighbourhood is constantly changing, development and street art are a regular part of life.  Traffic can be hectic, so many chose to bike to work. The office also has a low carbon footprint -- 90%+ of our electricity is generated on site.

If you have a passion for technology and want to help global agriculture meet the food and fibre production needs of our growing population, then this could be your new workplace.


Current Job Openings

The Workplace

Our Fitzroy office is a showcase for our products, and the indoor gardens and abundant natural light make it an ideal testing ground.